Your Reliable and Efficient Medical Billing Partner

We want you to know that all software and communication platforms are HIPPA Compliant for you and your patients’ safety.

Billing Software

NW Billing Solutions offers the use of our licensed medical billing software for a monthly fee, or we can log in to your web-based software to complete daily billing services.

Charge Entry and Payment Posting

NW Billing Solutions sends electronic and paper claims daily on your behalf as appropriate. We offer several options to transmit patient charges and work directly with your office staff to ensure a seamless transfer. We audit all postings prior to submitting charges to the insurance companies and communicate any errors with you and your staff. Payments are posted daily.

Account Follow-Up and Collections

NW Billing Solutions follows the Life Cycle of Accounts, starting seven days after the charges are transmitted to the insurance companies. We serve as your liaison to the insurance companies on behalf of your office and your patients.

Our goal is to have a 30-day or less DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), given all data provided by your office is accurate and current. Your designated account representative works with your patients to set up payment plans that correspond with your practice guidelines and policies.

NW Billing Solutions utilizes an outside collection agency. We provide you with account details and ask for approval prior to sending an account to the collection agency.

Patient Statement Processing

NW Billing Solutions can customize your monthly patient statements with your company logo and billing information. Your account representative regularly follows up with your patients on each unpaid statement.